Cooked Chicken

We stock a large variety of cooked chicken portions from Pic a Chic as well as our own labelled chicken portions which are predominantly from British producers, ensuring support for the UK farming industry

Cooked Chicken Portions

10-12oz (legs)x 32Pic a Chic
10-12oz (mixed)x 32Pic a Chic
10-12oz (breast)x 32Pic a Chic
12-14oz (mixed)x 28Pic a Chic
12-14oz (breast)x 28Pic a Chic
18-22oz (halves)x 16Pic a Chic
10-12oz (mixed)x 32Mannin
10-12oz (breast)x 32Mannin
12-14oz (mixed)x 28Mannin
12-14oz (breast)x 28Mannin
10-12oz (mixed)x 32Mannin/Halal
10-12oz (breast)x 32Mannin/Halal
12-14oz (mixed)x 28Mannin/Halal
12-14oz (breast)x 28Mannin/Halal
Cooked Chicken Products

We supply a variety of quality cooked chicken products from Delta, Dovey, Pic a Chic and Tasty Chicken

Battered Nuggets6 x 1kgHalal(Delta)
Battered Nuggets(Premium)6 x 1kgHalal(Tasty Chicken)
Battered Chicken Steaks1 x 72Halal(Tasty Chicken)
Battered Flattened Chicken Breast Fillets (110-130gms)3 x 1.2kgHalal(DPP)
American Style Chicken Portions1 x 48Tasty Chicken
Battered Cripsy Chicken Fillet Chunks6 x 1kgHalal(Pic a Chic)
Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings1 x 2kgHalal(Tasty Chicken)
Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast Fillets (110gms)1 x 1.93kgMeadow Vale
Southen Fried Chicken Breast Fillet (150gms)3 x 1.2kgHalal(DPP)
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons (34-46gms)3 x 1kgHalal(DPP)