Other Products


We also offer the following to compliment our product range:

Breaded Haddock Fillets (7-8oz) x 15

Breaded Plaice Fillets (7-8oz) x 15

Breaded Fish Fingers (Minced Haddock) 60 x 25gms

Battered Squid Rings 12 x 500gms

Amanda Tinned Roe 12 x 600gms tins

Plain Breaded Mushrooms 10 x 1kg

Garlic Breaded Mushrooms 10 x 1kg

Battered Onion Rings 10 x 1kg

Fribo Vegetable Burgers 30 x 113gms

Spicy Bean Burgers 24 x 113gms

Pork Ribs cooked in BBQ Sauce (Cherokee) 4.56kg (12 x 380gms)

Frozen Mushy Peas (Lockwood) 12 x 2lb

Frozen Mushy Pea Fritters (Kingfrost) 36 x 3oz(85gms).